To referee in the EMW Soccer League the referee candidate must be 13 years of age by Sept 1 (of the season they wish to ref) and have participated in the EMW House League or Tri-Town Travel League (or similar). 

In addition,  all new referee candidates must participate in the reffing class provided by EMW Soccer which is usually held at the end of August.  The class consists of a couple of hours of classroom training and one outdoor training session.  All first time referees must pass a test at the end of the classroom session. 

Being an EMW referee is a paid position, a job, therefore EMW Soccer expects all referees to conduct themselves in a professional manner while reffing for EMW Soccer.  Referees are not allowed to hold conversations with fans nor are they allowed to use their cell phones while reffing.  They are expected to follow the play which includes running up and down the field.  The referees must wear the supplied ref shirt and are asked to bring their own stopwatch and whistle.   EMW Soccer reserves the right to dismiss any referees who do not follow the referee guidelines as taught in the ref class. 

EMW Soccer asks all parents to realize that many of the refs are young and do not have a lot of reffing experience.  We try to make sure there is at  least one experienced ref at each game.  We ask that parents respect the referee's call, even if it may not always be the correct one.  NYSW has introduced a Zero Tolerance Policy for fans and their treatment of referees.  If a referee is being hassled by a parent, the referee has the right to stop the game and demand that the parent leave the EMW property.  Please remember, it is only a game, and the children are there to have fun.  

If you are interested in becoming a referee or have not signed up yet this season, please go to the "Contact Us" page and contact the referee chairman.