Coaches and Risk Mgmt

EMW Soccer is a member of the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA).  Each season EMW Socccer uses approximately 30 volunteer head coaches and 10-15 assistant coaches.  NYSWYSA requires that all coaches, assistant coaches and board members have a background check before being issued a coaches pass (ie., Risk Management Pass).  Getting a 'coaches pass' also confers benefits to the adults who carry one including liabilty and medical insurance related to their volunteer role.  Coaches will receive an automated email from NYSWYSA  asking you to link to their secure site and supply information to complete the background check after which NYS West will approve your coaches pass.  The background check requires that you submit your Social Security Number as well as your Driver's License number to a secure NYSWYSA website.  You may not coach (or assist as a coach) if you do not agree to submit the required information.  EWM Soccer extends a sincere thank you to all volunteer coaches and asks your compliance with the NYSWYSA regulations.    

The following is a direct message from NYSW regarding coaches and background checks: 

Who's THAT?

Background Checks - Why and How.

US Youth Soccer and NYSW are committed to creating as safe an environment as possible for the children and teens in our soccer programs. One step in that process is background screening of adults.This screening system is only effective if clubs follow the state procedures. Last year some clubs did not screen all adults and in fact a report came to the office of a low-level offender “volunteering” as an assistant coach. Thankfully, we found out about the individual and notified the club officials - who had no idea this individual was even working with a team. The situation was remedied.

What to do right NOW:

Club Officers: Ask your registrar to review the coaching staff’s risk management status and put in for renewals so everyone has a current pass.

Coaches: Check your pass, carry it with you whenever you are with players – this includes recreation coaches – you are not to coach any program without a pass.

  • When filling out the application use your full legal name including your middle name, no nicknames, or abbreviations of names, like “Jim” for James. Common names often result in a false ID and require additional research, so use your middle name or initial.
  • Respond to the RM email request for your information. The application just sits until you give us your data.

Parents: Make sure your child’s coaches have a current pass. If a new coach appears, ask to see his or her pass. Referees are to have passes too. Get a background check if you intend to coach or volunteer in a significant manner. 

The NYSWYSA privacy statement can be viewed via the following link:  

The NYSWYSA website has much more information and can be viewd via the following link: