Concession Stand

Thanks for your support ! 

EMW Soccer is a volunteer league-from the board, all the way to the coaches. The Concession Stand is one of the main fundrasing programs for EMW Soccer and helps offset registration fee increases, referee fees,  field and equipment maintenance, etc. Your continued support is essential for our success. 

We need your help with the following:

  • Purchase tokens for the team (50 cents each)*. 
  • Volunteer at the concession stand. Even 30 min of your time each game day will be greatly appreciated!
  • Visit our concession stand and enjoy many food items, snacks, and drinks available for purchase. 

  Interested in helping out ?  Please contact Jill Darling

*Players can redeem their tokens at the concession stand for a snack or drink. Before each game begins, you can stop by the concession stand and purchase enough tockens for each player on your team, then you can pass them out after the game. The kids love it and it has become a wonderful tradition for EMW Soccer families and players!