Coach Contact List

Here is the list and contact information for the 2023 coaches

 Name Email Level Team Position
Schmidle, Robert U6 Kinderpints Kinderpints 1 Head Coach
Rodgers, John  U8 Half Pints Denmark Head Coach
Speiss, Greg  U8 Half Pints England Head Coach
Dickinson, Marc  U8 Half Pints Japan Head Coach
Jimenez, John  U8 Half Pints Mexico Head Coach
Leumer, Greg  U8 Half Pints Peru Head Coach
Marczewski, Chad   U8 Half Pints Poland Head Coach
Dare, Jonathan U8 Half Pints USA Head Coach 
Forgione, Joseph  U8 Half Pints Uruguay Head Coach
Milazzo, Christopher  U8 Half Pints  Uruguay Head Coach
Pane, Brian  U10 Pints Panama Head Coach
Huber, Aaron  U10 Pints Egypt Head Coach
Dickinson, Marc  U10 Pints Columbia Head Coach
Boll, Amber U10 Pints France Head Coach
Justinger, Paul U10 Pints Iceland Head Coach
Spiess, Greg  U10 Pints Costa Rica Head Coach
Burger, Allen  U10 Pints Portugal Head Coach
Hinderliter, Jennifer U10Pints Sweden Head Coach
Darling, Michael U12 Quarts Argentina Head Coach
Rodgers, John  U12 Quarts Belgium Head Coach
Jimenez, John  U12 Quarts Canada Head Coach
Magnuson, Michael  U12 Quarts Jamaica Head Coach
Darling, Michael U14 Gallons Head Coach
Schmidle, Robert U14 Gallons Head Coach
Schmidle, Robert  U18 Kegs Head Coach

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