Reminder to all. Please wear your masks to the game and back to your cars!

Also PLEASE have your mask on in line at the concession stand!!

Covid-19 can not keep our young people down... Play Play Play! 

Bob Schmidle Commissioner


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We do play in the rain folks... come dressed for the weather...

Interested in volunteering ?  Please contact a current Board member.

Attention NEW Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Junior Coaches, Referees and Board Members

IMPT - Certificate is valid for two years

Before the season starts, please complete the Concussion Class at the link below and email the certificate to Mike Dugas (dugas12672@aol.com).

If you have done the program already and have a hard copy, please keep it in a safe place and drop it off the first week - Saturday 09-09-2019.






Our Fields:  7100 Seneca St., Elma, NY  14059

Our Program

 The EMW soccer season runs in the fall beginning the first or second Saturday in September (depending on Labor day) and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. All divisions are co-ed.  Children are placed in divisions based on their age as of  December 1 of the current year not their grade.  EMW Soccer does not allow children to "play up" or "play down" a division.  Children  must remain in the division that corresponds to their birthdate.  All new players must show proof of birthdate when registering.  If registering on-line, their registration is not complete until a copy of the child's birth certificate is mailed, emailed or faxed to the registrar.

It's all about fun!  As a recreational league beginning in the late 1970's, EMW soccer continues to teach children the fundamentals of the game.  We want all players to learn the game and to have fun at the same time.  While teams win and lose each week, we do not keep score and we do not give out trophies.  The children shake hands after every game and learn the importance of good sportsmanship.  We encourage parent involvement in the team and in the EMW Soccer organization. 

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Our Mission

 The mission and goal of EMW soccer is to develop the body, character, andsportmanship of our youth while teaching soccer and having fun.  The EMW soccerboard is dedicated to accomplishing this objective and urges you at all times to rememberthat development of character is of prime importance, and the attainment of athleticskill or winning of games is secondary.